As in the manufacturing or creation of any other product, our company service should be considered not only at its ending but along its development. The only method for quality control during it, is studying and appraising the product though its documentation, its concept as well as the design, and finally its operative manner.
Gender integrates the cestion of the market in which is inherent to it, with a growing management policy, seeking its development and its subsequent acting trough the incorporation of the last technical progress and so trough the permanent training of our staff. In a highly competitive market, only trough a personal service, extremely qualified, with Human Resources values, sensitivity and “towards people” profiles, can we get to know and satisfy our special customers.

So far and since our entry into the market, several institutions have relied on our services and gon on working synergically, which let us know the expansion projects in each case, accompany their growth and development. All this is possible thanks to the UP TO DATE principle we have as objective aim.

Apart from its technological skills, networks, hardware and software, leading technology experience, Gender Has in the field area staff, wide experience in the mentioned technologies taking part in their updating installation and maintenance, the same as their development.

The world requirements on commerce matters (inner, regional and international) demands us more and more everyday if we want to stay competitive. The inheren preparation regarding to Custom Legislation, State Decree, National Direction of Customs outlaws, etc., demands their full knowledge and also force an inmediate and permanent action turning us into expert professional on this subject.

2.1. Particular Services General Marketing, External Trade Marketing, Special External Trade Operations in National Ports the same as in the Tax Free Areas.

2.2. Importations and Temporary Admission That is to say, those procedures linked with the entrance of god as coming from foreign countries:

Obtaining shipment documents with regards to banks, Forwarders or couriers, etc. Confection and Arrangement of the Import Permit from Custom National Direction (DNA), Control Certificate Arrangements regarding to State Bureaus before the entry of the goods, according its constitution (MSP, MGAP, DINARA, URSEC, Ministry of Defence, etc.), Transference and endorse of the goods, Obtaining veering and work orders (ANP), regarding to Port Operators, Goods in deposit Verification, Montevideo Port, Airports, Tax Free Areas and receiverships, Goods definitive Liberation (out of Customs) and its delivery in the customer’s storehouse. Temporary Admission of goods into the country or to be part of a production process of goods for export.

2.3. Exportations That is to say all procedures which are essential for sending god us out of the country. It includes:
Room in storehouse booking and transport coordination from origin to destination, Confection and Arrangement of the Export Permit (DUA), origin certificates and other documents required by the corresponding state bureaus Studying Credit Letters interpreting them and developing the necessary documents for its loading presentation from the customer’s storehouse to the shipment point.

2.4. Foreign Trade Credit Letter Opening, charging and drawing, Report and Counsel concerning Trade Agreements (MERCOSUR, ALADI, SGP, CAUCE, PEC, etc.), Documentation Control previous to shipment including certificate of origin and operation costs.

2.5. Goods Transportation National and International god of transportation, transportation by sea, air or land, consolidation and deconsolidation, load reception, world coverage, booking of transport companies and load pursuit. We are Insurance Agent regarding to International Companies. We make arrangements for provisional insurance certificates, definitive and floating policies with the endorsement of the Insurance Company, competitive taxes.

2.6. Transit and Tax Free Areas Confection and Arrangements to the Transit Permit (DUA), from the National Direction of Customs, getting stamp or custody according to the situation.

Goods Reception and/or containers in storehouse for its further importation or re-shipment. Deconsolidation of containers in storehouse and consolidation to send it abroad. Handling, fractionization, stock control. Storehouse in Tax Free Aerea available. Electronic seals on movements of goods in transit system. Delivery of goods in transit for use on boards of ships.

2.7. Counsel Importation-Exportation Statics. Ship Supply. Transit, on board consumption for ships an air companies. Sending commercial samples abroad. Management of files in regards to National Direction of Customs (DNA), Confection of Sworn Statement from origin for its further obtaining of the certificate (MERCOSUR, MERCOSUR CHILE Agreement 35, Agreement 5 mexico, etc.) Goods and Documentation tracking, Customs Legal Counsel, Tax Free Areas Laws, Montevideo Free Port.