Fernando Estrella Castro (further on Gender) Custom Agent, estabilished in 1992 as a commercial entity, in Uruguay.

Though, as is it possibly appreciated, it is a young organization in the market. However, in regard to the group experience, this one starts since 1946 when our older people, begin their insertion in the national market.

This lapse then, provides Gender with its current experience on customs matters, which it offers to his potential customers.

At this stage, an activity tending to inter and exteriorize the mentioned experience begins, carryin out a global opening towards the achievement of new customers. In this sense we get you to know the elements that basically make us proud.

Main global: Being always the best, trying to obtain optimal results in favor of our customers and “going still further”.

That is to say: solutions; the ones undestood as: personal attention, compromise, trust and mainly RESULTS WITH SECURITY.
We are working on this and it is our commitment.

Company policy

Gender has based and bases its activity on the great experience it has acquired, committing ourselves, without exception, to the principles of our management. Ethically, we feel the responsibility of being better day by day and giving our customers,
just what they need and request.

As a result of the previous concept, we base our goals on the human resources, which definitely compose and make possible the
activities performed. Our staff is trained to attend any kind of operation and depending on the case, have it ready within
twenty-four to forty-eight hours.

We respect the representation and rights of our customers, estabilishing ethical relations in the search of convergent actions
which make easier the benefit of achieving a common goal.

Each operation compose a sequence of pleasant disquiets, personal the same as group ones, thanks to the Human Resources internal policy in the intrinsic labour of our house, which ulterior aim, we repeat, is the customer’s satisfaction in obtaining
this objective as soon as possible.

Security, confidence, efficiency, celerity, twenty four hour service and adequate costs, rule our objectives and fit the outline
of the Uruguayan Association of Customs Agents, of which we are members.

Gender operates under quality system in its management and continuous improvement on the base of sound pillars that have been incorporated, talking into account of the needs and expectations of our customers.


The company presents the wide range of items of items we deal with so far:

Companies in general (small and medium)
Tourism and Hotels
Textile Industry
Graphic Industry
Manufacturing Industry
Food Industry
Companies using Tax Free Zone
Paper Industry
Fish Industry
Fishing Ships (National and Foreign Flag)
Medical and Scientific supplies
Chemistry Industry
Building Material
Automotive Parts
Investment Projects
Mining and Quarrying
Company Working in Waste Treatment
Load Projects
Heavy Machine (Tractors, Bulldozer, Crane Lifting and Others)