Nothing more illustrative and nothing better to introduce ourselves in the culture of the Direction, than de decalogue about “Quality, everybody’s work”.

Quality is the concept which defines and gives sense to our company. It is the ruling principle in the satisfaction of our customer’s requirements, being the security the distintive seal in the services we offer.

Efficiency of the team work, where the talent and proffesional pride are best developed.

Permanence is our goal to settle in the market as leader in External Trade Services and Logistics.

Recognition because of the trust and the Efficacy of our Services, the employee’s dedication and because we are innovative.

Our Self Impovement for the total satisfaction of the customers is essential, since that i show we achieve efficiency and efficacy for an in time service.

Responsability when handling documents and data is an essential requirement for the security and our team’s confidentiality.

Commitment of our employees to reach our quality goals.

Training as a permanent requirements to have skilled staff.

Competence such a high quality level can be reached and kept only when the cues competence and loyalty.

Our Goal is that our Quality Management System should let us provide a service based on the continous improvement Through the ISO-9001:2000 certification, having as the final goal the satisfaction of our customers.